Go: Object Oriented and Concurrent (just not the usual way)

I was invited to talk about Go at OpenLate, an event organized by OpenDNS in San Francisco.

For the occasion I prepared a new talk which is the result of combining the concepts presented in my previous talks Go for Javaneros and Go for Pythonistas. On those talks I presented Go from the point of view of a developer from those languages and I realized that Go is often a sweet spot between both!

Where Python provides the flexibility of duck typing but with the corresponding runtime errors, and Java provides its interfaces Go provides structural subtyping, which results on the flexibility of duck typing with the compile-time checking of Java interfaces.

I also present concurrency as a sweet spot between the mutexes and locks used in Java and the async model present in other languages like Python, Ruby, or NodeJS.

I hope you will enjoy it!

The slides are available on campoy.cat/openlate.

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